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Virtual acting classes for Pre-K through Teen taught by Theater Professionals.
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DCT Blog

Posted 12/14/20
Help us continue to give our gifts to children...

Posted 10/26/20
For Phillip Schaeffer it's a family affair

Posted 10/20/20
From baby angels to Edgar Allen Poe, meet the DCT-born-and-raised author of The Raven Society!

Posted 10/15/20
DCT Friends, Please Raise Your Voice in Support of the Arts!

Posted 10/14/20
Blue Pegasus Player (BPP) star shares memorable moments...

Posted 06/08/20
Our promise...

Posted 05/22/20
Got a teenager looking for a challenging theater?

Posted 05/15/20
Here are some resources for creating your own living room concert!

Posted 05/08/20
Activities to help you spend time with your Nana virtually!

Posted 05/06/20
Virtual classes/one-week camps now available for registration!


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